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Does The Awesome Duracell Star Wars Commercial Contain A Spoiler?

By on October 30, 2015

While a Duracell battery Star Wars tie in doesn’t sound that appealing at the collecting level, it has produced this awesome advert. It’s a high level production that at its conclusion might well leave you with a lump in your throat.

But does it contain a spoiler to one of the hotly debated topics leading into The Force Awakens? Fans are desperate to know who in the new cast of characters has Force ability.

Is this a hint at a characters destiny? Or simply a bit of fun that was produced with no insider information beyond what has already been publicly released by Lucasfilm?

Judging by the level of secrecy around the film, I doubt this well oiled machine would’ve released anything along this line if it was meant to taken seriously after all there is also a classic Jedi outfit used.

Also whats up with slashing the poor old snowmen?