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Ep 120 : PART 2 Listeners pick the best of Steele Wars : Eric Strothers interviews Steele Wars listeners about their highlight moments

By on January 13, 2017


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On this second part of a very special episode of Steele Wars, listeners share their favorite moments, memories and episodes to Eric Strothers…

-Matthew Thurbon recalls finding Steele Wars through Wil Anderson’s guest appearance on episode 178 of I Love Green Guide Letters, as well as a couple of his favorite Steele Wars episodes: Steve Sansweet (Ep 004 : Steve Sansweet – Star Wars collector, author, President and CEO of Rancho Obi-Wan) which inspired him to tour Rancho Obi Wan, and Craig Sanders (Ep 093 : My Brother – Craig Saunders talks Star Wars, KISS & breakdancing) which reminded Matthew of his own childhood Star Wars memories with his brother.

-Josh Chapman recalls finding Steele through Paul Dempsey’s twitter account and his appearance on episode 3 of Steele Wars, as well attending a live show, meeting Steele and attending the Force Awakens screening and (sneaking out of the) reaction show. Josh also shares his story on how he got involved making videos for Steele, as well as his favorite moment from any Steele Wars episode which was Ash Williams asking if Darth Vader is still around (Ep 045 : Ash Williams – Comedian, model & very vaguely into Star Wars).

-Paul McWhirter recalls watching Steele interview Harrison Ford (Ep 071.1 : Sydney Fan Event Day 2 – Harrison Ford gives me wedding advice), as well as coming over to Steele Wars episode 1 from I Love Green Guide Letters, being blown away by the Leonard Maltin interview (Ep 064 : Leonard Maltin – The Legendary Film Critic Talks Star Wars & Those George Lucas Interviews), and listening to Steele’s frustration with his co-hosts during MEGAPOD.

-Catherine Kneen also came over from I Love Green Guide Letters, recalls seeing Steele perform at both Steele Wars and Green Guide live events, including episode 40, where she asked a question, and also recalls her favorite episodes: #38 in which Steele reacts to the trailer for The Force Awakens and #85 which was recorded live at the Melbourne Comedy festival with Dylan Lewis and Danny McGinlay.

-Andrew Minas, another Letter Lover, recalls going to a few of Steele’s live events at the Melbourne Comedy Festival (Steele Wars episodes 84 & 85, and I Love Green Guide Letters #213), listening to The Force Awakens live reaction show (episode 72), and listening to young Jacob on the “Johnny Grasso” call-in episode over and over (Live Call In Show – Ep 5 : Not with Johnny Grasso of the Rogue Won podcast – Is the late change of composer a bad sign for Rogue One?)

-Michael Oud (Jacob’s dad!) discusses finding I Love Green Guide Letters in 2015 and how that led him to Steele Wars. He also recalls listening to the podcast with his kids, attending the event where Steele interviewed Harrison Ford (Ep 071.1 : Sydney Fan Event Day 2 – Harrison Ford gives me wedding advice) thanks to complimentary tickets from Steele, and, of course, hearing his son on the Steele Wars call-in show!


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