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From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine – Ep001 – 24th Aug 2015

By on August 21, 2015


From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine about…

– Why all the hoopla about practical effects?

– The push to rename Slave Leia.

– Drew Struzan thinks The Force Awakens could be the best Star Wars film ever!

– All the D23 announcements that matter and where Disney should be looking for inspiration for their “Star Wars World”.

– What to make of the rumours of 3 live Star Wars series being planned for Netflix?

– The pre Force Friday toy leaks.

– Reactions to the EW interviews with JJ Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan and Kathleen Kennedy.

– Some silly jealously and bitterness in Star Wars podcasting.

– Rouge One set leaks and cast announcements.

– Han Solo’s age revealed in his Anthology film.

– George Lucas could’ve used a Simon Pegg.

– The relationship between Harrison and Peter Mayhew.

– Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow to direct Star Wars Episode 9.