FREE : From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine – Ep006

By on December 1, 2015

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As I missed an episode of the regular podcast last week, for the first time ever here is a FREE version of the From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine show. Previously a supporter exclusive episode.

On this episode…

Trailer re-watch and shot-by-shot speculation (spoiler-free).

Ends at 33:20 for the speculation sensitive.

Listener questions answered about the trailer include:
• Who is Rey crying over and what is the ship she is watching take off?
• What does Kylo Ren mean by “I will finish what you started”? Will Vader’s ghost appear to Kylo?
• What is the journey of Vader’s helmet from Endor to Kylo’s possession?
• Is Kylo the Master or the Apprentice?
• What are Finn, Chewie and Han looking at? Why is Leia crying?
• How much are we going to see Luke? What is Luke’s personality going to be?
• Have the trailers given much away in terms of plot compared to the prequel trailers?
• Is Finn force-sensitive or is Rey? Is Kylo a Force user or just a Vader wannabe?
• What is that on the poster? Is Starkiller base or something else?
• What will replace the 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare been replaced with?
• Is that Knights of Ren behind Kylo or Dark Troopers?
• Will there be a Mandalorian appearing?
• Thoughts on the score on the trailer?

Show notes by Catherine Kneen.

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