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Hyperchat Ep 02 : George Lucas Discusses His Episode 7 Concepts – w/ Sal Perales & Space Jessss PODCAST & FULL VIDEO

By on June 19, 2018



We talk all the week’s Star Wars news with Sal Perales, Space Jessss & listener calls.


8:11 George Lucas’ departure from Lucasfilm

9:53 Star Wars storytelling from a female perspective

20:03 Re-examining the company one keeps in fandom in the face of gatekeeping

28:00 Lucas’ sequel trilogy concepts about the Whills, and expanding the Star Wars universe

32:53 John Boyega’s and Rian Johnson’s comments on fandom harassment

41:28 Lucas’ microbes and his creative license

50:48 Star Wars Ring Theory and other callbacks

55:45 Remembering how grateful we were when Star Wars returned

59:31 Robin Atkin Downes works too much

1:08:04 Amanda Ward calls in to discuss Star Wars Twitter freaking out on a Monday

1:13:47 Fantha Tracks’ report about Billy Dee Williams’ return for Episode IX

1:15:55 Will there be a Star Wars: Resistance panel/preview at San Diego Comic-Con?

Producer – Rashad Qasem
Chat Overloard – Emily Lind
Show notes – Dom Legaspi
Theme music – Paul Dempsey

Hyperchat returns Monday July 2nd 7PM PDT / 10 EDT