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Should the Kessel Run be in the Han Solo movie?

By on March 20, 2016

Without doubt the biggest question marks in Star Wars fandom is the upcoming Han Solo “Star Wars Story” film.

With Lawrence Kasdan & and son Jake writing the script and Lego movie directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller yelling cut and other assorted show business terms, the film seems to  be in good hands.


Every Star Wars fan has a different idea about what “should” be in a Han Solo film, from who plays Han, to the appearance on the Millennium Falcon and of course his relationship with Chewbacca.

A tough call when making a Star Wars prequel is should the throw away lines in the original trilogy be left as such allowing the viewer to imagine what could’ve been or like Obi Wan’s mention of The Clone Wars made into an entire cartoon series!


Kessel Run Art by Old Red Jalopy

For almost 40 years Star Wars fans have pondered what exactly the Kessel Run was like and with it’s fun mention in The Force Awakens interest in it isn’t going away soon.

Is it a good idea to include it in the film or should it be left to fans imaginations? I put this question to twitter and here are some of our listeners thoughts…

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The general tone of the responses is restraint is needed when revisiting such a legendary and beloved character. Here’s hoping the team assembled can hit it out of the park and we’re treated to a series of killer adventures with our beloved Han Solo!