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The Force Awakens poster is here! Trailer tomorrow!

By on October 18, 2015
0 Shares just walked one of the major steps on the journey to The Force Awakens; the one sheet poster!


As you’d expect, Kylo Ren, BB-8, Phasma, Han, Chewie and the new three heroes to appear on the poster. It’s of note that R2 & C-3PO made the poster with C-3PO’s new red arm concealed and it looks like Princess Leia hasn’t let up with the progressive hair styles!

Let’s all agree how dope Han looks rocking his classic blaster! With all the confidence of someone who would shoot first.

What I didn’t expect was some little goggle sporting alien! Is that  Lupita Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata character?

Two things missing from the poster are of course our Jedi Master hero Luke Skywalker and the autograph of beloved Star Wars artist Drew Struzan, it would be very interesting to find out who’s call it was to not go with him.

But lets talk about the HUGE BATTLE STATION in the corner of the room! Being pretty much spoiler free I didn’t expect to see the return of a Death Star style super weapon. Is it actually built into a planet? Does that explain why Phasma walks through a half rock half Death Star hallway in the teaser? It will be interesting to see how they go back to the super weapon plot that got so overused in the EU and keep it fresh after we’ve already seen two get blown up in the original trilogy.

With a new trailer debuting on Monday Night Football tomorrow the mainstream movie goer is definitely going to know that there’s been an awakening! This is the home stretch, I’m so nervous and excited!

It’s awesome how much we don’t know about this film!

Of course we’ll be podcasting my first viewing of the trailer, so keep an eye on your iTunes feed Tuesday night Australian time.


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