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“Too soon too soon” EP VIII pushed back to December 2017

By on January 20, 2016


Star Wars Episode VIII has been pushed back to December 15th 2017.

From the press release…

“The move follows the extraordinary success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was the first Star Wars movie to premiere outside the traditional summer blockbuster window and smashed numerous records, including biggest domestic and global debuts of all time as well as the biggest domestic second and third weekends, en route to becoming the highest grossing domestic release of all time with over $861.3 million and the third biggest global release ever with $1.886.7 billion.”

Whilst moving the date to duplicate the release of one of the most successful films of all time is a smart move, had been reporting last week that there was a month production delay and rewrites on the script to further emphasise characters that The Force Awakens viewers really took to.

Whilst many fans are bemoaning the delay, I couldn’t be happier with the descision. With Rogue One releasing this December it was going to be a mere 5 months between Star Wars films; way too soon! This gives us more time to enjoy and savour every step of the way, we get to enjoy a pre-episode VIII at Comic Con for starters!

Best of all it gives the production the best possible opportunity to deliver a Star Wars film worthy of it’s passionate fan base. For that we should “thank The Maker”.

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