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Questions You Have? Ep082 – Will The Mandalorian S2 Rely On Established Characters – PATREON BONUS ALL ACCESS

By on October 27, 2020

Questions you ask, answer I do…


– Have you seen the fan attempt on YouTube and Patreon to make a full-on “Shadows of The Empire” live action series? What are your thoughts?  

– How do you feel about Rey’s story continuing on Disney Plus?

– Best moment for Rogue One!

– The origin of Snoke’s name from a creative point of view.

– Do you think we’ll ever get more Enfys Nest backstory?

– The Mandalorian was originally marketed it was supposed to be a story in a new part of the universe about new characters. Do you think that the creators are now slipping back into the trope of only telling stories about things and characters we know?

– The US toilets vs Australian toilets!

– Do you think if Disney Plus released the ~35 Clone Wars story arcs (135 episodes, divided by four)  as ~35 Clone Wars animated movies, it would  lead to more folks watching vs. individual episodes?

– What did you think of Jerry Seinfeld’s new special?

– What is your favorite skateboarding memory and why?

– What skate videos do you watch?

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