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Strothers Wars Ep 7 : Emily Lind talks her Star Wars fandom & favourite Steele Wars clips

By on October 27, 2020

Welcome to Strothers Wars, where Eric Strothers of The Bad Motivators podcast talks to Steele Wars listeners about their Star Wars fandom and their fav Steele Wars moments.

On this episode Eric chats to New York Patreon supporter Emily Lind about her Star Wars fandom & favourite Steele Wars clips.

To hear the full length episodes (in order of appearance):

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Ep 012 : Justin Hamilton – Comedian & Boba Fett guy

Ep 038 : Watching The Force Awakens Trailer For The 1st Time – With Paul Verhoeven

Live Call In Show – Ep 16 : Carrie Forever – Listeners Celebrate The Inspiring Life Of Carrie Fisher In A Moving Tribute

Patreon Exclusive : The SWCO MSW Podcast Network Live Podcast Mash Up

Ep 160 : The Sucklord – The Art Of Toy Bootlegging In New York’s Chinatown

Ep 163 : Ben Mendelsohn – Mendo Talks Director Krennic, His Star Wars Love & That “Just Been Choked Out By Darth Vader” Grin

Ep 110 : Emily Lind – Steele meets his first ever international listener!

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