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VIDEO : Hyperchat ep01 “Should” SW creatives call out hostile fans? – w/ Star Wars Explained & Mollie Damon

By on October 27, 2020

On the very first Steele Wars Hyperchat Alex & Mollie Damon of Star Wars Explained join us to take viewer calls and discuss the weeks Star Wars headlines including…

0:03:06 – The Collider Star Wars Trivia Schmoedown

0:06:30 – Possible E3 EA Star Wars announcements

0:07:05 – The Solo box office and what contributed to the disappointing result

0:13:52 – Speculation on when the other upcoming films take place in the timeline

0:17:00 – Theories on what could possibly conclude the nine part Skywalker Saga in a meaningful way

0:28:09 – Star Wars author Chuck Wendig comes under fire for his tweets regarding aggressive Star Wars fan behavior

0:31:48 – “Should” Star Wars creatives call out hostile fans online?

0:37:21 – Bobby Roberts drops knowledge on Internet abuse in the fandom

0:50:45 – Liam on the interaction between Lucasfilm employees and Star Wars fans

0:58:23 – Tommy weighs in on the “customer is always right” mentality

1:05:05 – Emily Lind shares her thoughts on the boundary between expression of opinion and abuse

1:12:42 – Tyler Westhause offers his feedback on fan entitlement

1:19:53 – Robert Young chimes in on the Wendig dustup and fans taking Star Wars too seriously

1:26:51 – Molly and Alex on their lack of Star Wars disagreements

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