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Ep 232 : Scoring The Rise Of Skywalker

By on February 4, 2020


On this episode I rate and review each “menu chapter” of The Rise Of Skywalker. Do I like more scenes than I dislike and does that reflect my overall feelings about the film. 

Plus what I would’ve liked to have seen different? What plot points seem to have changed mid production and how that affects the film. 

If you want to play along here’s the chapter list I made up for Act 1.

Meeting Palpatine
Huleo Helps
Hyperspace Skipping
Rey Trains
Leia Comforts Rey
Poe & Rey
The Resistance Meets
I Must Go To Exegol
Leaving In The Falcon
Kylo & The Knights Of Ren
Arriving At Pasana
Meeting Lando
Speeder Chase
Serpent Serpent
Pasana Stand Off

This was super fun, looking forward to doing act 2 and 3.

Comment on your thoughts in the Patreon comments and we’ll read them out on a upcoming show. 

On this episode we chat with Eric about how his spoiler filled lead up prepared him for The Rise Of Skywalker, the many facets of his fandom and highlights of the Sequel Trilogy era of Star Wars.

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