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Star Wars actor Greg Grunberg discovers EP7 VHS on a plane!

By on March 20, 2016

Star Wars hipsters rejoice, your new holly grail has been discovered! Star Wars actor Greg Grunberg discovered that Delta Airline flights were playing a VHS version of The Force Awakens! I’d certainly hope they update other parts of the airplane more frequently than in the entertainment system.

I’d guess these might become popular amongst a segment of collecting. Even the commercially released Revenge Of The Sith VHS is a little hard to come by.

Greg Grunberg, is a childhood friend of JJ Abrams and has appeared in many of his productions including, incidentally, a airline pilot on Lost. JJ has joked that he’s a good luck charm for his productions. One might suppose it was a favour from JJ Abrams that Greg’s character “Snap” Wexley survived the Starkiller Base battle in The Force Awakens as he can now continue to appear in future Star Wars films as a Wedge Antilles type for the sequel trilogy. 

The character “Snap” Wexley is of extra note to Star Wars fans as his childhood backstory is told in the New York Times Bestselling novel Star Wars: Aftermath. Discuss