Hyperchat Ep 06 : Episode 9 “dos & don’ts” – w/ Emma Fyffe & Iraj Dowlatshahi

By on August 14, 2018



Emma Fyffe & Iraj Dowlatshahi join us to talk about the week’s Star Wars news and take listener calls on what we do & don’t want to see in Star Wars Episode 9.
7:41 We discuss the latest Mandalorian rumors about the Jon Favreau live-action series
10:23 The sky-high budget for the Favreau series
11:30 The retirement of Jeremy Bulloch
12:45 The story of the first Phantom Menace casting announcement
14:40 Recalling Bulloch’s appearance at an Australian con in the 90s
17:06 The BTS photo from Dan Mindel that got the fandom frothing at the mouth
19:31 Empire Strikes Back in Concert!
25:48 Richard E Grant’s wonderful reaction to being cast in Episode IX
27:32 King Tom from Ohio joins us to discuss the potential redemption of Kylo Ren
31:49 What does the galaxy know about Anakin’s redemption?
35:14 What absolutely MUST happen to Finn in Episode IX?
37:00 Episode IX wishlists
41:06 Fan service in Episode IX
43:43 Another planet-killer?
46:30 Emily Lind gets new fanfic inspiration and what’s in store for Poe Dameron
50:52 How cute and furry will Episode IX be?
52:22 The continued debate about Rey’s parents
53:56 The alternate future of Luke Skywalker
55:00 What’s been going on in the Star Wars comics, including the dope Darth Vader series
56:40 MENDO!!!
57:30 HYPERCAT!!!
1:02:34 The questionable nature of modern Star Wars trailers
1:05:54 The impact of Solo on Episode IX

Hyperchat returns Monday the 27th of August.

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Producer – Rashad Qasem
Chat Overloard – Emily Lind
Show notes – Dom Legaspi
Theme music – Paul Dempsey