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Ep 064 : Leonard Maltin – The Legendary Film Critic Talks Star Wars & Those George Lucas Interviews – CLASSIC CLIP

By on June 22, 2016

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Leonard Maltin is one of the best-known names in film criticism through his long running film book guides and from his work on Entertainment Tonight.

But for Star Wars fans, he’s the guy who interviewed George Lucas for the 1995 VHS box set release of the original trilogy whilst he was in the very early stages of preparing for the prequels.

In a 50 minute chat we discuss…

  • Was Star Wars ripped off at the Oscars?
  •  His favorite things about Skywalker Ranch.
  •  Behind the scenes stories of his iconic interviews with George Lucas for the Star Wars VHS box set.
  • As a film historian how does he feel about the special editioning of Star Wars? Do the fans or the creator “own” Star Wars?
  • Leonard tries to answer the question what is George Lucas like and why?
  • Gives his thoughts on the original trilogy, the prequels and on the upcoming Star Wars episode 7 while speculating on who Max Von Sydow might be playing.
  • And that time he watched George Lucas write a $170 million dollar cheque.