Ready To Tear Up Again? “Luke Skywalker’s Vision” edit by Nick Skywalk

By on October 26, 2015

Fresh off his breathtaking Han Solo flashback edit, Nick Skywalk now takes us from The Empire Strikes Back into the future with this killer Luke Skywalker “vision” edit.

Regular listeners to the podcast would know that I’m a Luke Skywalker guy from day one so all this speculation and anticipation of what Luke’s role is in The Force Awakens is killing me.

Please oh please… ignite that green saber and save the day.

I’m super stoked to let you know that Nick Skywalk will be on the podcast this Friday to talk about the inspiration behind his edits, trending on youtube and his hopes for The Force Awakens. Make sure to subscribe FREE in iTunes to get the download as soon as it’s available.

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